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Recent past and present projects bringing together new perspectives on moving image, music, word and movement.





Written & directed by Toby Wharton

Starring Molly Windsor & Samuel Jordan


A young man encounters a woman at night and feels an immediate connection with her, but when he discovers she is selling sex, he refuses to accept that’s all there is between them....



A Southbank Centre x softLOUD co-production

Supported by Shubbak Festival and Bagri Foundation

A multidisciplinary production x installation on colonialism & capitalism's hand in climate displacement, discrimination and human migration with acclaimed poet & writer lisa minerva luxx.

what the dog said to the harvest


Featured on BBC Arts: Culture in Quarantine


A film inspired by a deaf musician featuring United Strings of Europe and starring Vilma Jackson. A human story of intense passion, fear and joy, reconciling solitude and deafness with a deep love of nature and music.

send back the echo


V&A Museum

Alice in Wonderland: Curiouser & Curiouser Exhibition Weekender 

Immersive gallery experience featuring 'silent' headphone music,

spoken word, movement and animation film. Featuring Sansara Choir, Solomon O.B., Amanda Pefkou and Shiyi Li.

too big, too small

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